Alameda County Fair

My boyfriend and I arrived there around 4 PM on purpose to avoid the hot, flaming afternoon sun; however, it was still too hot for me–it was roughly 90 degrees Fahrenheit! I was sweating a lot especially the walk from the parking lot to the entrance was so far! Holding my cane, I slowly walked there while taking mini breaks, and I think it took us around 30 minutes to arrive at the entrance!

After going through the entrance security, the first location we went to was the lavatory! The line to the women’s restroom was so long and not to mention, it was so stuffy inside! A little girl behind me was hinting how much she has to go pee, but I ended up not offering to let her go ahead of me since my ankle was giving out on me already from standing and waiting in line for so long (I felt guilty though!).

After that, we took mini breaks before strolling around, and finally arrived at the carnival section!


The line to the tickets

The line to the ticket booth was not too long–we didn’t buy any tickets since we weren’t sure what kind of rides we would want to ride on. Also, does 5 tickets mean 5 tickets for each person or 5 tickets per ride?! That was the thing we were questioning and confused about because paying $10 for a 5 tickets per person ride IS NOT worth it. Just saying. =)


Entrance to the carnival


Keep your eyes on the prize


I wanted this!

The prizes are so cute, but it’ll be better if they’re actually soft and fluffy, not the hard, stuffed ones. I believe the only game booth that has the soft and fluffy plushes/stuffed animals is the shooting the basketball from far away. Other than that, all the prizes for most games are these nice looking plushies that appeared soft, but in reality, they’re hard. 😦


Smelled so good, but I can’t eat them 😦 Props to those workers for making these under 90 degree temperature!


Perfect shot ❀

It was around 6 PM already, and it was still super hot, so we took a lot of breaks in between. Tips: Go inside those shopping stores just for free air conditioner and rest on their benches πŸ™‚ ! Β My boyfriend got himself a Macaroni Fried Chicken Burger for $12 while I was resting. He said it was mediocre.


Macaroni Fried Chicken Burger

After resting, we continued strolling and encountered a caricature booth! I was so excited and asked my boyfriend if he wanted to do it with me as well! That day being our monthiversary and knowing how much I always wanted a caricature, my boyfriend gave in! $15 for one person and $25 for two person. The wait for the line was long, and we waited around 45 minutes until our turn!

While she was drawing me, I glanced at the people around the booth, and this one couple who were standing in line had a nodding look, which gave me a sense of reassurance that the drawing semi resembles me. However, after she finished drawing me and started drawing my boyfriend, that same couple had a shocking face–well more like the WTF look throughout the whole time whenever the artist was drawing my boyfriend. I saw them and I was thinking, “OH NO! What’s wrong?!!!!”

Well now, I know what went wrong…


Our first caricatures. The artist made his eyes look super Chinese. HAHA.

It’s around 7 PM already when we finished getting our caricatures, and since my boyfriend has work early the next day, and I haven’t eaten anything since 2 PM, we decided to head home soon. But before that, we MUST find that photo booth and take a basic photobooth picture as memories!


Ending the day with the basic photobooth pictures πŸ™‚

I regretted not getting there earlier–it’s my first time at Alameda County Fair, and I thought it’ll be really small just like the San Mateo County Fair, which I have gone to several years ago. Anywho, I can’t wait for next summer because going on rides, watching the pig and horse races, and playing some carnival games would be my first priority!

Tips for next time:

  • Go earlier and pay for closer parking
  • If parked far, wait for the tour bus to get you to the front entrance of the carnival.
  • Take lots of break, especially in the food area or shopping stores (free air conditioner).
  • Get the free Alameda tickets on Facebook few months before during their promotion time!
  • Bring lots and lots of cold water!

& Until next time! πŸ™‚


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